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Hello, fellow Yulegoat! Thank you again for volunteering for this momentous undertaking. I'm so glad that we were paired up, and I am grateful that you've gifted me with your talent and time this yuletide. You are fantastic and a big damned hero in my eyes. Many cheers!

In general: I'm really up for anything. I mean, I read the Care Bears BDSM fic and was more amused than squicked. Death!fic can be okay, fluffy slice of life fic can be okay. AU crossover fic, well, then we need to talk. I just ask for good fic, for the characters to be loved and treated well, and for you to have fun with this. Thank you for my wonderful gift, Yuletide Wonderperson. The fact that you signed up for one of my fandoms makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, and I love sharing this fandom with you.

So, in terms of fandoms:

Wedding Wars: Shel and Ted

These two are so incredibly sweet together. I just recently discovered the movie and it warmed my heart. I love the strong relationship that they have, and the fact that the scriptwriters portrayed them at that awkward, not quite ready to commit stage of their relationship. I'd honestly love just to see more of their relationship: past, present, future. What's their daily life like? What brought them together? When they do eventually walk down the aisle, how will it occur? Will Ted propose? Would he surprise Shel? How would this play out? Obviously, this is a fluff prompt. Angst, etc., seems a little out of character for the movie, so fluff is preferred. :)

The Dark is Rising: Bran and Will

Again, future!fic. I'm still miffed at Susan Cooper for not allowing Bran and the others to maintain their memories of what happened. Bran has a Destiny. Pendragons don't shirk Destiny. I'd love to see something about Bran adapting to the modern world, and what role he might play as Pendragon, guided by his dewyn, Will. The two are obviously bound together, and I'd love to see a dynamic similar to Merriman's and Arthur's. Who will they be in the future? How will they see each other? Would Bran resent Will, or vice versa? How does Bran react to being the Pendragon, and does Will have the strength to support him? Slash is welcomed, and so is gen fic.

Damar series - Richard and Harry Crewe

The Blue Sword is undeniably Harry's story, and yet, Dick Crewe also bears the same Damarian blood and gift of kelar. What was it like for him growing up as Harry's brother? Did the Hills call to him when he first set foot in Daria? How did that conversation with Jack Dedham go? I would love to see Dick's past, and how he became the serious character we see so briefly in The Blue Sword. Any sort of fic will do here, as long as it's Dick-centric.

Young Wizards - Carmela

I can't help it. I love 'Mela. I know she'll never be a wizard, but she's still multi-talented and awesome. I'd love to see her have an adventure with her atomic curling iron and the worldgate in her closet. Romance, intrigue, humor -- whatever floats your boat! Let our 'Mela shine like the awesome person she is!
Thank you again, Yuletide Wonderperson. You've made my year by sharing my love of fandom, and I'll be forever grateful to you.

Date: 2011-11-18 03:23 am (UTC)
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...i find it AWESOME that you requested Wedding Wars, and HILARIOUS that we requested very similar things about it!



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